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Oyster pairing Kopert Cress

  • 12 fresh oysters
  • 125 ml kafir yoghurt
  • 100 ml olive oil
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 koppert cress Hippo tops
  • 1 koppert cress Apple blossom
  • 1 koppert cress Zalotti blossom
  • 1 koppert cress Bean blossom
  • 1 koppert cress Gangnam tops
  • 1 koppert cress Anise blossom
  • 1 koppert cress Moai caviar
  • 1 koppert cress Citra leaves
  • 1 koppert cress Jasmine blossom
  1. Wash the oysters and open them all with an oyster shucker.
  2. To make the hippo top oil, blanch the tops for 3 seconds, cool in ice water and after squeeze all the liquid out. Blender with the olive oil for 2 minutes till completely fine. Strain trough a cheese cloth and reserve the oil. Season with lemon and salt
  3. oyster 1. mix 2/3 kefir with 1/3 hippo top oil. Remove the liquid from the oyster and top the oyster with a spoon of kafir/hippo top oil. Add the bean blossom and anise blossom
  4. Oyster 2. Gently warm the oysters in their own liquid. Place the oysters in a plate and add two spoons of kafir/hippo top oil. Add Moai Caviar, Jasmine, Zalotti and Citra leaves
  5. Oyster 3. Keep all the liquid in the oyster and top with Gangnam tops, Apple blossom and Moai Caviar.
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