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Bart van der Lee

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The Culinary Masterclass

What you will learn

  • Searing, pan frying, roasting, baking
  • Fish & seafood preparations
  • Cooking temperatures
  • Meat & poultry preparations 
  • Pastry skills, ice cream making, baking
  • Chef’s secrets 
  • plating skills

The Ultimate Steak Masterclass

What you will learn

  • Grilling, searing, pan roasting
  • Sauce making; reduction, cream sauce, béarnaise, compound butter
  • Advanced temperature control
  • Seasoning, trimming, vegetable prep
  • Flambéing
  • plating skills

The Fish & Seafood Masterclass

What you will learn

  • Grilling, pan roast, searing, poaching, raw, tataki
  • Fish & seafood preparations
  • Filleting, slicing, portioning, 
  • Sauce making, flambéing, marination
  • Cooking temperatures
  • Chef’s secrets 
  • plating skills

Masters of Fire (Coming Soon)

What you will learn

  • Building and maintaining a fire
  • Bread making 
  • Salt baking
  • Plancha vegetables
  • Flambéing fruits

What does the membership include?

* The Culinary Masterclass

* Ultimate steak Masterclass

* Fish and Seafood Masterclass

* Cooking over fire (coming soon)

* E-book Occasions

* Bonus recipes

* 30-day money back guarantee

* Unlimited email support

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What others say!

"I really want to become a better chef and your videos make it so much easier!"
Oliver L.
"I love your balance of technical knowledge and enthusiasm!"
Catherine C.
"I've unleashed your first masterclass on my family and they absolutely loved the flavour sensations"
Bert K.

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