Outdoor Cooking Class

This course is designed for the bbq lover wanting to take its outdoor cooking skills to the next level.

Adventure into the realm of open flames, burning logs and the delicious flavours of fire-roasted goodness.  

Learn to build fires, roasting techniques, marinades, sauces and the #1 secret ingredient for a stunning outdoor meal.

What you will learn

  1. Fire building
  2.  Cedar planked Salmon with roasted pepper vinaigrette
  3. Lamb and Guinness stew with seasonal vegetables
  4. Spatchcock harissa chicken with burned lemons
  5. Fire grilled T-bone and Ribeye steaks with chimichurri
  6. Hispi cabbage with brown butter pecan vinaigrette
  7. Aubergine from the chapa with tahini, pomegranate and watercress
  8. Super crispy thyme Rösti

30-Day Money Back

5-Star Rating

As Seen on BBC1 Masterchef