Bart’s cooking is unique, daring and stunningly beautiful. Consistently producing elegant plates of food that are filled with technique, precision, and unique flavours. 

Bart’s passion for fine cuisines is raised by the culinary giants he worked for. Starting his first Michelin star job at the age of 19 and working his way up trough some of the best restaurants in the world. Including Noma**, The waterside inn*** Beluga**, Toine Hermsen* and Henk Savelberg*. 

“My biggest inspiration and drive are my wife and kids. I want us to enjoy and live life to the fullest.”

Today Bart is taking inspiration from his incredible journey and makes food that never stops to amaze. From picking blueberries in the forest as a kid, to cooking on the banks of the river Nile or on the golden beaches in the Caribbean. There is a little bit soul from each destination in his cooking today.

Becoming finalist in MasterChef The Professionals 2020 has sparked a new creative mindset in Bart and new culinary paths open every day, ready to be explored. 

“As a private chef I’ve been cooking behind closed doors for the past 10 years. I feel it is time to show what I can do and share my knowledge and passion with the world.”

Today Bart and his family are living in London. Taking in all the changes MasterChef brought and gearing up for an exciting future. Where the path is leading he doesn’t know yet, but with offers coming in daily the future for Bart and his family will surely be exciting,  adventurous and one to follow.

“More tv? yes why not! I’ve loved being on screen and have big plans for future culinary travels with my family. I would love to document that and share the experience.” 

Masterchef Bart van der Lee