Buy your Kenwood Cooking chef now with discount code BART for a free mixing bowl worth £100

I have partnered up with Kenwood to bring you the new Kenwood Cooking Chef XL

This machine is a beast! and it is THE most versatile kitchen machine on the market. With a multitude of attachments you can turn this mixer into almost anything. Cooking, baking, frying, blending, all within one appliance. The attachments range from food processor, blender, and pasta roller, to meat mincer, fruit juicer and many more.

Living in London ofterestricts kitchen space and having 1 machine that can do everything is a game changer for me. One of the best features is the build in scales that works on every part of the machine, no matter what attachments you put on and always right next to you when you need it. Making bread has never been easier and proofing the dough has become a breeze thanks to the build in precision induction system. Simply add your ingredients and the Cooking chef will mix, work the dough and proof it on the perfect temperature without having to look back.

Do you want to get your hands on one? Use discount code BART at checkout and get a free mixing bowl worth £100 on us. follow the link below to the Kenwood website for seamless and secure checkout.

Don’t forget to use your discount code BART at checkout. It will deduct £100 from the total price of £1350 for the Kenwood Cooking Chef with extra mixing bowl 


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