The Masterclass Collection
With Masterchef Bart van der Lee
Master the art of cooking today
Do you want to enhance your daily cooking and master the art of flavours?
  • Are you tired of cooking the same thing every week?
  • Are you struggling to plate beautifully?
  • Would you like to cook better but don’t have time to take a live class?
  • Do you find it difficult to cook different cuts of meat?
  • Does your knowledge of cooking seafood keep you from going to the fish monger?

Whether you are a complete beginner, seasoned cook or budding chef. The Masterclass Collection will teach you the very foundations of cooking and will have you cook recipes you didn’t think you could!

I’ll be showing you the skills and techniques I use every day as a chef and at home cooking for my family. Transform the way you cook and start creating dishes that will wow your family and friends.

Get unlimited access across all of your devices and learn at your own pace. Building up your skillset one recipe at a time.

Join me today on a culinary journey and learn to cook better with your personal Masterchef.


58+ Cooking Classes

Every class will teach you new skills like plating, cooking fish, grilling meat and making sauces

No stress, just take your time

You can learn at your own pace with my on demand video lessons. With 58 classes, 100+ recipes and over 20+ hours of HD video

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If your first class is not a raving success! I'll even reimburse your food bill!

What's included?
58+ video lessons, 100+ recipes, 20+ hours of HD video, 2 ebooks, shopping list, printable PDF's and more.

The Masterclass Collection is a complete course bundle teaching you everything from cooking fish, seafood and steaks, to outdoor cooking, plating and desserts.

The classes will deliver instant results and you will feel the progress with every class you take.

If you have ever felt lost in the kitchen, I will show you the way and with my personal email support you will never feel lost again!

Learn the Foundations of Cooking


Master temperature to control your cooking


Master seasoning and making flavour combinations


How to present any dish and make it stand out

Digital Cookbook
(40+ recipes)

The Culinary Class
(6 classes, 4+ hours of video)

The Fish & Seafood Class
(6 classes, 4+hours of video)

The Outdoor Cooking Class
(7 classes, 5+ hours of video)

The Steak Cooking Class
(4 classes, 3+ hours of video)

Quick Cooking Skills
(26 classes, 4+ hours of video)

Sponsored Classes
(9 classes + 3 recipes)

Cook the best meal of your life this weekend!

I can show you how and will pay for your shopping if you don't succeed.

Strength In Numbers

We support hundreds of home cooks just like you on their culinary journeys


Members and counting

Home cooks just like you are joining every day and learning new skills at their own pace


High Quality Classes

Now with more then 58 video classes and 100+ recipes you won't ever run out of new recipes to learn


Hours of Full HD Video

Get inspired and view the classes from any device like your phone, TV, tablet, desktop or projector
learn the latest skills

With our on-demand video lessons, course books, printable recipes, and more. You will get instant results and improve your cooking quickly without feeling overwhelmed!

Upgrade Your Life, Unlock Your Potential

Here’s Everything That’s Included
“The Culinary" Cooking Class
(6 classes, 4 + hours of video)

"The Fish & Seafood" Cooking Class
(6 classes, 4+ hours of video)

"The Ultimate Steak" Cooking Class
(4 classes, 3+ hours of video)

"The Outdoor" Cooking Class
(7 classes, 5+ hours of video)

Quick Cooking Skills
(26 classes, 4 hours of video)

BONUS #1: The Digital Cook Book
(40+ recipes)

BONUS #2: Sponsored recipes
(9 classes + 3 recipes)

BONUS #3: Ebook Occasions
(15 recipes)

BONUS #4: Ebook Unpublished
(Recipes and tips for fish lovers)

What We Offer differently

It's not just videos and recipes. This is the only platform you can communicate directly with your celebrity instructor and ask for advice.

Unlimited Email Support

Ask me anything you need and know I have got your back

30-Day Guarantee

Your 30-day money back guarantee will guarantee your success or get a full refund

Any Device, Any Time

With access on phones, tablets, laptops and projectors. You can access your classes anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get charged ever year?

Yes, This is an Annual subscription but you can cancel anytime.

Yes! You can access your classes on any device, any time.

No prior cooking skills are required. A love for good food is a must!

No specialised equipment is needed. Some recipes call for a blender or food processor.